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Build a Winning SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy in 8 Steps (+ Examples)

Slack has been called the fastest-growing SaaS company of all time.

In January 2015, Slack was a little-known business messaging app, born out of the ashes of a failed gaming startup. They had less than half a million users and had generated less than 12 million in revenue during the previous year.

Just 3 years later, in May of 2018, they had over 8 million active users (a 1500% increase) and finished the year with an impressive 220.5 million in revenue.

The secret to their success? An unstoppable SaaS go-to-market strategy paired with perfect market timing.

A Beginner’s Guide to PCI Compliance

Data breaches only happen to the giants. Businesses like Sony, Home Depot, and Target have had their challenges with cardholder data theft, but smaller businesses aren’t worth a hacker’s trouble… right?

In this blog post, you'll learn how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are just as vulnerable to data breaches, how PCI compliance can help, and how to find your current level of PCI compliance.

We will also discuss the changes in PCI DSS 4.0, so you have a full understanding of how it i

How to Invest as a Family (Without Ruining Thanksgiving)

You love your family. You want what’s best for them—and, let’s be honest, for yourself, too—when it comes to finances and building wealth. Investing together sounds like a great way to help your family level up together… but you’re left with a key question: How can you invest as a family… without ruining your relationships?

Many say that family and money shouldn’t mix. Still, historically the most financially secure families in the United States (families with names like S.C. Johnson and Koch)

How We Built a 5-Page Microsite in 1 Day With HubSpot’s Free CMS Tools + Free Theme

Would you believe we built an awesome-looking, fully-functional website in one day, for free, with HubSpot?

Probably not. But I’m going to tell you anyway. And then I’m going to prove it. A bold claim, I know. But at Lean Labs, we don’t say we can do something if we can’t back it up.

You may have concerns about building a new site on HubSpot CMS. Is it going to be too expensive? Will you have to waste months of dev time or hire an expensive agency? Will the site come out looking generic and bo

7 Costly Inventory Replenishment Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

Have you ever sold a product you didn’t actually have in stock? If so, you’re not alone: 34% of businesses have been forced to delay shipping a product because they sold something they didn’t have in hand.

Though not uncommon, these types of mistakes aren’t great for your customers’ experience. So, how do you manage inventory replenishment processes efficiently enough to prevent it?

Inventory is the lifeblood of any product-based business. Without the right products, in the right place, at the

The Beginner's Guide to Group Investing: How to Build Wealth with Friends

“Money and friendships don’t mix.”

How many times have you heard that saying? Many people consider it common knowledge that financial and personal relationships should be kept separate. We’re here to challenge that assumption.

Want us to let you in on a secret? The wealthy have been mixing money and personal relationships for centuries. The rich discovered long ago that group investing could make them richer. By pooling capital, they can access bigger, better deals with much larger ROI. In other words, it’s how they built wealth—and it can work for you, too.

Enterprise Ransomware Protection: Essential Tips and Tools

Does your enterprise have a spare half million dollars to spend recovering from a ransomware attack? Maybe, but I’m sure your board would prefer to spend that cash elsewhere.

The average cost of a ransomware breach in 2022 is around half a million bucks, according to research by IBM. The same study showed that ransomware attacks are on the rise, increasing by forty-one percent in the past year. What can your organization do to keep yourself protected and avoid joining those statistics?

This po

What Is a Growth Team? (+ 7 Pro Tips for Building Your Own)

What do companies as different as Hubspot, Slack, Uber, Tesla, and Buffer all have in common?

Even though these companies span industries as diverse as marketing automation, ridesharing, and automotive, they each attribute much of their success in capturing market share to the power of growth teams. Growth teams offer a modern, lean, focused alternative to traditionally siloed departments. Instead of sales and marketing and customer success and product all existing in their own separate worlds

HubSpot’s Free CMS Tools Review: 12 Pros and Cons to Consider

Finding the right content management system (CMS) can be challenging. The free options are difficult to use and offer limited options for customization. However, the fully-customizable CMS options are cost-prohibitive for small businesses.

This month, HubSpot released Free CMS Tools to address that gap. They wanted to bring the power and sophistication of a top-of-the-line CMS tool to business-builders that aren’t ready to spring for the expensive alternatives.

As Hippocrates Said, “Let Food be thy Medicine!”

Not too long ago, before the rise of modern chemistry, humans intuitively understood the power of plants to heal.

Through eons of experimentation, early humans learned which plants heal, and which should be avoided. They figured out that if they ate honey when they were sick, they got better faster, and chewing on valerian root would help them fall asleep. They ate a plant-based diet, and always in season. Farm-to-table wasn’t a hip trend, it was their lives.

Fast forward to a post-industrial revolution humanity so obsessed with convenience that we gladly throw out a millennia of natural knowledge in exchange for a cheeseburger and an aspirin. There has been a growing movement in recent years, supported by a lot of strong science, to “return to our roots,” so to speak.

5 Things To Know About Supply Chain Inventory Optimization Before Implementing

Measure twice, cut once. The direct meaning of this common saying is relevant for carpenters, but its symbolic meaning is important for businesses in all industries.

Every ounce of preparation is worth its weight in gold, especially when it comes to processes and practices that have significant repercussions when done improperly. Demand planning for your supply chain is one such process.

If you are frustrated with the inefficiencies in your supply chain, you’re not alone—especially not in the

Natural, Organic, Non-toxic, Oh My! Demystifying Skincare Jargon

Here at C3, we get pretty amped about skin. We love to talk about our all-natural, eco-friendly, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, microbiome-friendly ingredients. And about how our formulas are free from phthalates, parabens, BPAs, and SLSs, and preserve the natural micro-ecology of the skin by balancing the acid mantle, the pH level, and the moisture barrier…

Unless you’re a fellow ski

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